Workforce management with a sense of humour

We make process refinement apps that help your team get better at repetitive tasks but don't come across as invasive, scary or otherwise dystopian. 

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Process refinement can be
warm and fun too

In office management there are always things we have to do again and again, things we simply must get good at given the nature of our jobs. Such things could be answering a specific type of call, writing a specific type of report, and so on. 

What is this task? What is the ideal way to accomplish it? How much room is there for interpretation?

Investiagate the task


Given all of that, how do we make a tool that's bright, funny, and has the desired training effect?

Work our magic


What determines pass and fail? In what way should we feed that back? And how often?

Pass fail analysis


Happy to integrate with your stack

We can add a number of APIs you may need to integrate with your existing stack and create a holistic training solution.

You name it

If you've got it we'll
try and integrate!

Backup and storage

Your on-prem or 
cloud provider

Payroll and HR

Incentive payouts, level upgrades and more

External sites

Such as existing training programs paid for

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We are on Eastern European Standard Time, the core team is in Estonia, just under Finland.

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